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We love working with startups and well established businesses that are in transition phase. We have experience solving market challenges, designing, developing and shipping disruptive products.


Opportunities start with smart ideas

We can help you convert that idea into a reality. 

Having started up at least 14 businesses ourselves we have a good idea of what it takes to make a change and to open up new opportunities.

We have had fantastic success and a few flops and our experience can help guide you in your next adventure.

Our industry & consultancy experience can help

Although we firmly believe that we can help anyone,
our experience helping others now includes:

We developed a multi-channel publishing system that enabled international magazine and newspaper publishers to have all of their suppliers feed information into a single portal – this project later turned into a new business.
In 2009, we also created a side-by-side translation system that enabled the Japanese Wall Street Journal editorial team to manage content translations with greater ease.

Web Design & Development
We recommended the utilisation of a content management system that suited the needs of a multi-national company. We offered installation, setup and training to staff and ongoing support. Designers were set up to work within a theme-based solution which resulted in the quick delivery of solutions to their customers.


Direct to Customer 
We developed an iOS-enabled sales presentation system that made it easy for a remote and independent national sales team to deliver a unified message, to build trust and to deliver customers the value they expected. The design of the system ensured that managers in Christchurch, New Zealand could update, test and improve the presentation flow – and when they published changes, the entire team had the new and improved presentation. Our system with inbuilt calculations meant that with only a few details collected from a homeowner could generate accurate savings models and graphics that explained why it was a good idea to make the change. 

Calibration Certificates
Food safety and equipment reporting correctness is essential to keeping a number of industries performing. In a review of one business’ process, we discovered that in order to accurately provide a historical audit trail they would need to change the way that they collected, saved and shared reporting data. Our solution enables hundreds of national customers to view certificates associated with their own calibrated devices, making the management of devices spread across different locations and calibration schedule a lot easier to manage.


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