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Mike helped our company with marketing and lead generation. He had great ideas, worked independently, followed up on everything that needed following up upon, and provided ongoing feedback on the progress that inspired my confidence in him and our plan.

Josh Brown

Owner at

Mike is an invaluable asset to any team. I had the pleasure of working with Mike on many marketing and sales-related projects. He had a key role in both account management and marketing management. His exceptional knowledge in these realms allows him to understands the wants and needs of target markets and customers on a deep level. Mike has always gone above and beyond what’s expected of him in his daily tasks. He’s a great individual to work with one-on-one and is always friendly and welcoming. Additionally, his group leadership abilities push team members to be their best. Any organization that Mike is a part of will improve immensely.

Dylan Wojtkowski

Freelance Writer

Mike is very customer-focused. He understands business requirements quickly and provides good creative options.

Mike Perry


Mike entered our world of windsurfing with no knowledge of the sport and became a master at projecting our image and developing the brand consciousness in the world through his clever use of the potential of the internet. He adapted quickly, made himself familiar with the other players and the sport, and soon became able to express the feelings and subtleties as well as anyone with years of experience.

Barry Spanier

Chief Designer

I have enjoyed working with Mike as my go-to web technician for more than ten years now. He is prompt and reliable, with a relaxed approach to high tech issues. Mike is consistently calm and resourceful. I like his ideas and his crisp practical sense of design.

Kate Spencer

Business Consultant

Mike is one of the most capable people I have worked with. He is intensely passionate about the end-user experience, about the value they derive from the product. He has an ability to deep dive the personas to identify that marketing nugget of what value the product actually brings. He is visually creative, market savvy, and has a holistic understanding of business.

Glenn Hansen

Finance & Management

Mike has been instrumental in creating the “look” of our business Jane Henry Merino Ltd and from the first meeting I knew that he understood and appreciated what we were trying to do. We have developed an ongoing relationship to further develop our business and Mike will be integral to that. I recommend both him personally and the quality work he provides without reservation.

Jane Shand

Managing Director

I worked with Mike in Energy Mad while he was the Digital Strategy and Marketing Manager. His focus was on direct to consumer part of the business in which he transformed the old fashioned ways of company’s marketing into modern digital campaigns. He created several online tools which were a significant transformation in the company’s processes. I worked with him directly on packaging design, spec sheet development, advertising material development, etc that he was an expert in. He was always keen to discuss all new product ideas, product improvements and basically anything that could contribute to the company’s product development strategies which were really helpful. More importantly, he was a great and reliable colleague and friend that you can trust and talk to him almost about anything. I’m sure he will be an asset of any organization and I won’t hesitate to recommend him whenever he asks.

Alireza Milani


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